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IFTTT (If This Then That) – First Thoughts

I was listening to Know How on the TWiT network this morning and they were talking about this service called IFTTT that will “Make the Web Work For You”. The basic idea is that the site will take you various web services like Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram and a lot more (57 in all), and let […]

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How To Convert a Word Document to Google Docs With Drive

I got asked if it was possible to convert an already uploaded Word document on Google Drive to the Google Docs format for better editing. This is¬†possible and in fact very simple to do. When you first upload with the¬†web interface you get an option to convert it upon upload, but not if you use […]

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Recover Deleted Files From Google Drive

So you have a Google Drive account. You also like to hit the delete key and enter repeatedly in sequence for no reason. Or you have a large orange tom cat that does this for you while pawing at the mouse on the screen. Well never fear because there is a way to recover deleted […]