Useful ShoreTel Communicator Registry Keys for Scripting

I recently did a favor for a friend of mine who wanted tie a couple of systems together that weren't tightly integrated in his network with some scripts. Anyway, I found the idea in his case fairly novel so I adapted the idea to the ShoreTel phone system and logon scripts. I know a lot [...]

Spark Not Loading Entire Contact List

A little more obscure Spark fix. Pretty quick and simple. The problem is basically when you are using an Active Directory distribution list as a 'default' group and a user isn't able to see the everyone on the list for some reason. Seems like Spark 'caches' the list and some members might not show up [...]

Remotely Killing Processes on Windows Networks

Time for a System's Administrator trick that I've found to be extremely useful over the years. Sometimes you've got a program that's stuck on a machine in an office many miles away and you just need to kill the process to fix the issue. If all your machines are connected, most of the time you [...]

Remotely Listing Processes in A Windows Network

Managing processes and tasks on a Windows network remotely is a big part of Systems Administration. Some companies and organizations have these great Desktop Management tools and others don't. Most of those tools though just use functionality that's built into Windows and make it easier to work with. Sometimes there are situations where those tools [...]

Fixing Spark Instant Messenger Too Many Custom Status Messages

I know a lot of companies out there use Ignite Realtime's Openfire Server, and their Spark Instant Messaging client. Mostly because it's free and easy to set up. It's a great product and I highly recommend checking it out if you're looking for a good Open Source instant messaging server with a lot of functionality [...]

Fix External and Internal Email Server DNS Conflicts

This might be an old trick, but it's never been one I  have been able to easily remedy. I've worked and done a lot of jobs at a lot of places where this has been a problem, especially on Windows networks. With Linux-based DNS servers, this isn't such a huge trick. When you set up [...]

Importing a WAVE File into a ShoreTel Voicemail Greeting

Sometimes you need to import a WAVE file into a user's voicemail greeting. This might be because their connection to your ShoreTel server isn't great, they're on the road or any of a number of other reasons. Unfortunately there's no tool to do this in ShoreWare Director. Or at least there isn't in older versions, there [...]

Connecting To Servers Without Remoting In

More of a quick tip than a real How To, but I'm surprised how many Systems Administrators don't know this. A lot of the tasks you do on your local workstations that you also do on your servers can be done remotely without any sort of third-party tools. You can connect to the Services, Computer [...]