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Export E-mail Address List From Exchange 2010

If you need a list of your current user list and primary e-mail addresses for whatever reason, it’s an easy thing to carry out with Exchange 2010. No powershell required!   Step 1 – Open up the Exchange Management Console. Step 2 – Go to the “Recipient Configuration” and click on “Mailbox” on the left […]

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ShoreTel/Outlook Issues With Exchange and Windows Vista

Quick post here. Been working on some issues with Windows Vista Business and stuff just flat not working. The most annoying thing is Outlook 2007 ┬ánot getting auto-configuration information correctly. I thought it was our master images that we use, and in a sense that is correct. Windows and Office 2007 just need a few […]

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Recover Deleted Files From Google Drive

So you have a Google Drive account. You also like to hit the delete key and enter repeatedly in sequence for no reason. Or you have a large orange tom cat that does this for you while pawing at the mouse on the screen. Well never fear because there is a way to recover deleted […]

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How to set up L2TP VPN in Cyberoam

If you need a super easy VPN that can be used without buying a software client like Cisco VPN Client, then L2TP is definitely the way to go. Windows 7, Vista and XP all have a built-in VPN client that can hook up to it. It’s a really good alternative to traditional IPSEC especially for […]