How To Set Up A New Windows Domain – Server 2016 Essentials

I had some extra hardware lying around, and my trusty backup drive got full so, I decide it was time to build a lab environment so I could develop stuff easier. This involves, to start with a Windows Server 2016 Essentials server. Hopefully everyone out there will find the process I’m going through to set […]

CMOS Batteries – Most Common Type

Quick post for something to add to your toolkits. Occasionally a CMOS battery will go out, especially on an old machine that’s been sitting around a while. They last several years but not forever. I’ve seen some ancient machines that use some weird battery packs but most motherboards use plain old ‘CR2032’ lithium batteries. You […]

How to Fix Exchange 2010 OWA Basic Mode As Default For Some Users

I ran into this problem when we upgraded from Exchange 2003 directly to 2010 several years ago. I’d bet it’s a general problem for Exchange 2007, 2010, and 2013 as well. Some users OWA experience will be set to the Light or Basic mode instead of the better “Premium” mode, which is the more familiar […]

A Novice’s Guide To Selecting Good Email Encryption

What Are The Main Things You Want From Email Encryption? Well the list will be different I guess for everyone, but what I intend to provide here is a basic set of requirements for novices to email encryption and where you might obtain them from. Happy? Read on! You’re an expert and know it all? […]

PGP Encryption – A very basic overview.

As an IT guy I get a lot of questions about all kinds of topics, and lately security is pretty high on people’s minds. One of the biggest questions I get is secure communication and how it works. So here’s a very basic overview on PGP encryption which will tie into e-mail communication. What is […]

How to Apply Cyberoam 10 Firmware Updates

A few times a year a notification on your Cyberoam’s dashboard that looks like this: The update can be downloaded directly from the link and the update process is fairly painless. I’ve done this for two dozen or more units and never had one brick, so there’s very little worry here. Also the Cyberoam keeps […]