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Samsung Daily App Crashing – How To Fix

Not specifically a professional level problem since it seems like most businesses use iPhones. Samsung Daily, and Daily Beta crashing when you swipe left on your Galaxy s10 and probably Galaxy Note 8 and above phones is a super annoying issue. The screen just flashes a title page and then kicks you back to your home screen any time you try to open the app, or swipe to it from the home screen. It doesn’t give you time to agree to anything, even if all you want to do is disable it.

Here’s a temporary work around that’ll stop this from happening at least until Samsung fixes the issue.

I found this solution after a lot of extensive digging around on the Samsung forums. Their advice to factory reset the phone seems to not work for the vast majority of people, so I never tried it. Having to re-setup your phone just to fix a daily news screen seems excessive.

How to Fix Samsung Daily App Crashing On Open

Step 1 – Go into Settings on your phone and open the Apps section.

Step 2 – Scroll down to Samsung Daily (it might say Samsung Daily Beta). Tap it to open the Setting Properties screen.

Step 3 – In the upper right hand corner of the screen you should see three dots. Tap them and select “Uninstall Updates”.

Not the Samsung Daily Screen, but the three dots in the upper right are the same for the Daily App. They don’t show up on all apps, and I wasn’t about to reinstall Samsung Daily just to get a few screenshots.
Tap the uninstall updates option.

Step 4 – Once the updates are installed Bixby Home should reappear on your phone when you swipe to the left on the home screen.

Step 5 – Open the Galaxy Store and go into the section for your installed apps. Scroll down to “Samsung Daily Beta” and open it up. Do not install it.

Step 6 – Tap the three dots in the upper right hand corner and uncheck “Auto-Update”. This will prevent Samsung Daily from reinstalling overnight.

Uncheck auto update here. It won’t automatically update to Samsung Daily until you manually install the update.

Step 7 – Success!

Note: You’ll want to refrain from updating Bixby Home until there’s word that Samsung Daily works for your phone.

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