Site Changes

I had to change the theme of the site. I haven’t used Chrome in a long time due to it having been a total piece of garbage on most of my machines. Anyway, put it on my trusty Surface 3 as Firefox was taking up a ton of memory, notice basically no links or anything worked with the site on Chrome. Figured that was probably happening to everyone since my other WordPress sites worked fine.
Same problem cropped up on my fiance’s computer running Chrome as well. Figured out it was the WordPress theme. Looked like it hadn’t been updated since 2014 or so. A real shame too, it was a good, no-nonsense theme that loaded fast and worked really well for this blog.
I could probably figure out what the problem is, but it’s probably time to change it and the Twenty Seventeen theme is pretty cool so we’ll see how that runs until I can find something close to what I had or someone who will design me one.

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