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Spark Not Loading Entire Contact List

A little more obscure Spark fix. Pretty quick and simple.
The problem is basically when you are using an Active Directory distribution list as a ‘default’ group and a user isn’t able to see the everyone on the list for some reason. Seems like Spark ‘caches’ the list and some members might not show up for some reason. Obviously checking to make sure the member is part of the list and that other people aren’t having the same issue is the first step. If they aren’t, here’s how to fix the problem.

Fix Spark Not Showing Entire Contact List From Active Directory

Step 1: Exit out of Spark completely either by killing the process or right clicking the icon by the clock and hitting “exit”. Navigate to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Spark

Step 2: Open the user folder.

Step 3: In the user folder there are potentially several more folders. They usually look something like “username@server”. Find the one relating to the user who’s having the problem.

Step 4: Delete their folder.

Step 5: Re-open Spark. All their custom user groups and everything should still be there. Any default groups pushed out by the server should re-load as well. The name list should be complete.

Note: I think the user\contacts list might be what specifically has the problem. This issue doesn’t come up often enough for me to experiment though. Also note that their custom status messages and a bunch of other stuff will be gone. If they need them you can always back up the custom_messages, downloads, and transcripts files and folders then put them back after this is all done to get them back (note you’ll want to exit spark to do this).

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