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Importing a WAVE File into a ShoreTel Voicemail Greeting

Sometimes you need to import a WAVE file into a user’s voicemail greeting. This might be because their connection to your ShoreTel server isn’t great, they’re on the road or any of a number of other reasons. Unfortunately there’s no tool to do this in ShoreWare Director. Or at least there isn’t in older versions, there might be in newer versions.
This is one of those handy tricks you should know if you don’t have access to their computer and they REALLY need a specific message recorded by themselves placed as a greeting. I would not suggest doing this unless you have no other choice, as they can call the voicemail system and do this over the phone, though it is VERY annoying to do it that way.

Importing a WAVE File into a ShoreTel Voicemail Greeting

NOTE:  They already need to have a greeting in place for this to work as you’ll be replacing a greeting. If they do not have a greeting, do not bother doing this.

Step 1 – Have the user send you a voicemail with the greeting. Personally I just have the user call me and let it go to voicemail. Alternatively you can use Audacity to record one. I just prefer using the voicemail system because it’s quicker.

Step 2– Export the voicemail to a WAVE file. This is done by right clicking on the voicemail in ShoreTel Communicator, or by saving the WAVE file attachment from Outlook.

Step 3 – Save the WAVE file to your ShoreTel Server somewhere.

Step 4 – Remote into your ShoreTel Server and navigate to the C:\Shoreline Data\VMS\SHORETEL\[User’s Extension] folder.

Step 5 – You’ll see a few WAVE files there hopefully. The files are like this: [Users Extension]Greet[A Call Handling Mode Number]_[A Number].Wav. The Call Handling Mode numbers work out like this:

01 – Standard
02 – In a Meeting
03 – Out of Office
04 – Extended Absence
05 – Custom

Step 6 – If you want to replace Extension 1900’s Out of Office greeting you’d need to copy the WAVE file you just exported to the following folder C:\Shoreline Data\Vms\SHORETEL\1900 and then rename 1900Greet03_01.wav to 1900Greet03_01x.wav or something. Rename the voicemail WAVE file you exported to 1900Greet03_01.wav. Note that the 01 at the end of the file name might be 02, 03, 04 or something else. This number seems to increment every time you record a new greeting through Communicator.

Step 7 – Test to make sure this worked in the proper call handling mode.

Again, if the file for the Call Handling mode Greeting you want to replace does not exist, this won’t work. I’m looking for a way to manually tell it what file to look for, but so far I’ve been unsuccessful. It’s probably in the database somewhere. If anyone knows how to do this let me know.
Also if anyone knows if ShoreTel has allowed you to import greetings in newer versions please let me know.

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