Connecting To Servers Without Remoting In

More of a quick tip than a real How To, but I’m surprised how many Systems Administrators don’t know this. A lot of the tasks you do on your local workstations that you also do on your servers can be done remotely without any sort of third-party tools. You can connect to the Services, Computer Management, and several other common tasks on a remote machine quickly without having to use RDP or anything like that, as long as you have administrative access to the machine in question (or at least know an admin password).

Connecting To Common Tasks On Remote Machines

Step 1 – Check to see if what you’re needing on your local machine has an “Action Menu” at the top. I’ll use Services as an example.

Local Services

Step 2 – Click on the Action menu and select “Connect to another computer…”

Step 3 – Type in the host name or IP address of the computer you need to connect to.

Step 4 – Enter a password if asked, but if you already have proper credentials you’ll be looking at the services on that local machine.

I know this has saved me countless hours of time over the last several years when my various servers failed to start up correctly. Sometimes if there’s something wrong this will time out, but for quick checks, it’s an invaluable tool. I’ve also found that even when other remote tools don’t work, this usually will.

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