InfoMaker 10.5 Fix

Quick post! I had a user whose InfoMaker 10.5 was just crashing when she opened a report. It would give the infamous “Check for solutions online” dialog box when you opened a report from the library. Any report at all would cause the crash. I fought with this for two days before I found the answer here at Chris Pollach’s Blog on I’ll put the instructions here though in case that site ever disappears.

  1. Exit InfoMaker. Since it has already crashed, you’re probably not in it anyway.
  2. Run “RegEdit”. It is important to do this logged on as the username that’s having the problem as it seems to be profile specific. You will have to load that user’s hive if you are running regedit from another account.
  3. Delete this specific folder: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Sybase\InfoMaker\10.5\Layout\Default
  4. Check InfoMaker and see if the problem is resolved.
What seems to be happening is the Window Layouts for InfoMaker’s Report screens get screwed up and save to this registry key. Deleting the folder rebuilds it when InfoMaker is started.
Also I noticed that other versions of InfoMaker keep this information in the same place so replace the 10.5 for whichever version is having the issue and you’re good.

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