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Fixing ShoreTel No Messages May Be Taken For This Mailbox Voicemail Error

Another quick fix today. Occasionally you’ll get a voicemail error message from a user’s voice mail box that says, “No Messages My Be Taken For This Mailbox”. It’s vague and gives no indication why this is happening. The user’s voice mail box might not even be full when this happens.
Unfortunately I’ve seen this happen seemingly at random without the user changing anything and it’s not always obvious what is causing the issue when you look at their settings.
So here’s the Fix.

Server Side Fix

Step 1 – Open the user up in Director under Users -> Individual Users

Step 2 – Click on Personal Options

Step 3 – Edit their Standard Call Handling Mode and Uncheck the box labeled “Enable Voice Mail ‘Greeting Only’ Mode” and click save. You will probably need to check all the other call handling modes and make sure this isn’t checked there.

Server Side Call Handling Mode
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At Their Desk Fix

Here’s how to fix the same problem through Communicator at the user’s desk.

Step 1 – Go into the Options menu and select their current call handling mode.

Step 2 – Uncheck theĀ “Enable Voice Mail ‘Greeting Only’ Mode” box and click Apply and OK buttons.

ShoreTel Voicemail - No Messages May Be Taken
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6 replies on “Fixing ShoreTel No Messages May Be Taken For This Mailbox Voicemail Error”

This post is over three years old, but yet it helped me figure out a maddening issue. Had a user who kept telling me that people were saying they couldn’t leave her a voicemail. But when I would try, I could leave her a voicemail no problem. Ended up this box was checked in her “In a Meeting” mode. But every time I tried, she was back in Standard mode and it worked. Thank you for this post!

I probably had it in my notes two years before I posted it. I’ve actually used this as recently as six months ago. Glad it helped!

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