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How to Set Up Holiday Schedules in ShoreTel

Holiday Schedules are different from on-hours schedules. For one a holiday schedule has specific dates, but no times. These schedules activate for the entire day from midnight to 11:59pm on the dates selected.

How to Set Up Holiday Schedules in ShoreTel

I’m going to go over two competing theories on how to do this first, then show how to do the one I think works better.

Schedule With All Holidays In One – This is where you set up a single Holiday Schedule with every holiday for the entire year (or more) in it. If all your sites don’t have the same holidays you just make a copy of this and add or remove holidays as needed. I think this is the best way to go. This keeps you from forgetting to update the schedule every holiday.

Separate Schedules For Each Holiday – This is where you set up a separate Schedule for each Holiday. I don’t like this method as it requires you to remember to set your holiday schedules before the holiday actually arrives in your auto-attendants and other places. A few places use this for various reasons, but it’s not a good idea anymore.

I always go with the first one and then make a generic greeting for the auto-attendants, or make separate greetings for the different holidays at the beginning of the year and schedule to change the greetings out for the next holiday the day after I get back to work.

So here’s how to set up a proper holiday schedule.

Step 1 – Find out what holidays you will be closed on. I would set it up for a year. You’ll need to know the specific dates, especially for those “First Monday of March” type holidays.

Step 2 – Log into ShoreWare Director. If you still have to use a user name and password, check out my article on Active Directory Integration. It’s long but  you’ll be glad you set it up.

Step 3 – Click on Schedules and click the “Add New” link under the Holiday section. You should see this screen. Note that this page, unlike the On-Hours page does not need special ActiveX plugins.

Holiday Schedule BlankStep 4 – Click the Add New button and type in the Holiday’s name, as well as the date it falls on. Note that you can specify a specific date like 01/23/2013 or a day without a year, like 12/25. If you specify date with no year it will always activate on that day, regardless of year.

Step 5 – Repeat Step 4 for each Holiday.

Step 6 – When you’ve got all your holidays entered, click the Save button. If you need to delete or change an entry you can do so at any time.

That’s how you set up Holiday Schedules in ShoreTel. Personally I make a single Holiday schedule for each site then edit it every year. I also take holidays that always fall on a specific date (like Christmas) and don’t add a year so I don’t have to change this every time.

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