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How To Child Proof Your Internet At Home For Free

A lot of people ask me this and unfortunately it’s one of those hard things to just tell someone how to do verbally. A lot of parents want to filter the internet for their kids, something that I don’t blame them for. I will post a few really hard to bypass methods, but this one […]

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Group and Overhead Paging in ShoreTel

Something I’ve overlooked for a long time is the paging features ShoreTel comes with. You’ve basically got two options with ShoreTel: Group Paging (over the phone loudspeaker) or Overhead Paging through your public address system. Group paging is pretty simple to set up, whereas overhead paging can be just about as complicated as you want. […]

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More Fixes for Random Dropped Calls on the ShoreTel System

This is just a quick post about calls getting dropped and other phone related issues with the ShoreTel phone system. A lot of times it isn’t the ShoreTel hardware that’s the root problem, it is the networking equipment it is attached to. Here are some I’ve run into, and things to look for if your […]