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How To Convert a Word Document to Google Docs With Drive

I got asked if it was possible to convert an already uploaded Word document on Google Drive to the Google Docs format for better editing. This is¬†possible and in fact very simple to do. When you first upload with the¬†web interface you get an option to convert it upon upload, but not if you use the little folder app on your computers. So here’s how to do it if you’ve uploaded it that way.
I only tested this in Chrome, but it might work with other browsers.

How to Convert an Uploaded Word Document to Google Docs in Google Drive

Step 1 – Log into Google Drive from the website.
Step 2 – Right click on the Word Document you want to convert.
Step 3 – Click “Export to Google Docs”. It will make a Google Docs copy of the file with the same name. If the original file was in a folder you’ll need to click “My Drive” on the left to go back to the root folder to find the new document.

Note: It will keep the entire name, extension and all. So if the file was “Scrambled Eggs.docx” the new file will have that exact title, you’ll have to take the .docx part off if that isn’t acceptable. You can do that through the edit window that pops up. Also note that third-party pop up blockers might prevent the copy from opening up in a new window, but it still should show up in your root folder.

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