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How to Install the ShoreTel Voicemessage Control Manually

Imagine if you will: You’re in the middle of Canada with a sketchy internet connection and you desperately need to update your ShoreTel auto-attendant for Labor Day. You’ve had the recording needed sent to you and you’ve connected to your work via VPN. You go into the auto-attendant menus to upload the recording and you can’t until you install an ActiveX control. No big deal, you do and Shoreware Director asks you if you want to leave the page. It becomes quickly apparent that no matter what you do, it will just keep looping you back to the Quick View Page and never install the component.
I’ve seen this happen a lot, especially when you’re working remote, or using Internet Explorer. You know because you have to use Internet Explorer to work with Director. Great way to design your software ShoreTel! Restrict what browsers work then make it virtually impossible to actually change prompts because of that browsers security measures!
Fortunately there is a fix and it’s fairly easy.

How To Install ShoreTel Voicemessage Control Manually

Step 1 – Download the following file: http://servername/shorewaredirector/voicemessage.ocx. If you set up ShoreTel to connect with Active Directory using my guide your URL should be http://shoretel/shorewaredirector/voicemessage.ocx and you can just click that to get it. I typically save it to the C:\temp directory for simplicity.

Step 2 – Close Internet Explorer (You might want to write the next couple steps down before proceeding if you don’t have another browser installed).

Step 3 – Open a command prompt in Administrator Mode and type the following “regsvr32 C:\temp\voicemessage.ocx”. If you saved voicemessage.ocx to the C:\temp folder you can just copy and paste that into the command prompt. You should get a message saying it was registered successfully.

Step 4 – Go back into ShoreWare Director into the auto attendant menu you want to change. It will ask you if you want to allow voicemessage.ocx to run. Tell it to Allow. It will give you the leave page dialog again, click leave. Go back to the Auto Attendant menu and you’ll probably get a dialog box about Windows Firewall, allow the plugin to run. You should now be able to import files.

Notes: If you get the error 80040200 when registering the OCX file, that just means you need to run the command prompt as an administrator.
There is also a file called twentyfour7.ocx that allows you to use the scheduler pages. It might be worth registering this control too. Use the same method as above to do so.
Hopefully this has saved you some frustrations. If you know of any more stuff like this please leave the info in the comments as it helps everyone.

22 replies on “How to Install the ShoreTel Voicemessage Control Manually”

Followed these instructions, no help, control still not available.
System: Dell Latitude E6420, Core i7, 4GB RAM, 500GB Drive
Windows 7-64bit Enterprise – current as of this post
All ‘helpers’ (Java, Adobe,etc.) current.
ShoreTel Director Build 19.7.3802.0
Any help appreciated – vendor seems to have no clue.

Mike, I’ve followed these instructions too and can’t get the control to work. Have you had any luck since October? My vendor also is at wit’s end. I’m on Windows 7-64 bit Enterprise running IE 8. We’re running ShoreTel Director 11.2, Build 16.43.1410.0.

What problem are you having exactly? Is it installing the control? Or is the control installing just fine and the Director isn’t loading it or the page correctly?

The control seems to registers OK, but under my log-in the plug-in won’t run in IE. If someone logs into the box as Administrator (which I supposedly am), the plugs runs OK and the “Import” button is available. We can’t seem to find a setting anywhere that’s different between the two log-ins that would prevent it from running.

My original problem was not being able to modify an auto attendant menu. Couldn’t change the action as the drop down message wouldn’t work. It works perfectly after installing the active X control via this method. Thanks for this.

Have to do this every time I get a new computer. Thank you for the tutorial. Even works with IE11.
Now Shoretel …. please fix your software! Your phones are great but this issue is just a pain.

Found this seems to be a result of the Domain or Active Directory settings on a certain PC. If you can install the plugins fine on the server, it is environmental, i.e the network or the PC itself.

god damn, thank you for this. sucks this is still an issue in 2015 on latest and greatest 14.2…hopefully when ST15 comes out we no longer have this issue.

You ‘da man! It just resolved a similar issue I was having. I was trying to get the TwentyFour7.ocx plugin to run so I could see department schedules.

Thank you! This helped me a ton. I didn’t have a ton of luck running this from the command prompt…. but, I did just change the security settings in IE to custom and tooled with the ActiveX settings until it worked. Not sure what exactly fixed it but some combination of your steps and security settings changes did it for me

Feb 3rd , 2017 I’m running IE 11.576 in Win 10 64 Bit and Shoretel Build 19.44.7900.0
(Communicator 14.2) I finally got these to work for edited schedules and auto-attendant. Make sure you do BOTH ocx files. Many restarts of IE and eventually it all quit bugging me. THANK YOU!!!!!

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