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Record A ShoreTel Auto-Attendant Using Voice Mail

I’ve got a few articles on Auto Attendants coming out over the next couple of days. This is my favorite method for recording auto attendant menus because it doesn’t require me to be in the director and I don’t have to schedule my voice person to do this. Recording a menu with voice mail is particularly useful for stuff that is updated a lot or changes frequently. Just send a script to your voice person, they send you a voice mail and you import it directly into ShoreTel. No fancy editing required.

Record the Audio

Step 1 – Click the orange spiral in ShoreTel Communicator, click Windows, Click Voicemail.

Step 2 – Click New Message, type your name or the name of the person processing the voice mail (they should be a ShoreTel user) and then give it a relevant subject.

Step 3 – Click the Record Button (The Red Dot). Your phone will ring and give you some instructions. After the tone just record the menu.

Step 4 – Hang up or hit # when done.

Once you get the voice mail right click on it and hit “Export to Wav”. This will be in the correct format to directly import it from the ShoreWare Director. You can import it into your Auto Attendants with no editing or file conversion whatsoever.
You can do this for a lot more than Auto-Attendants. You can also import the .wav file into a workgroup voice mail greeting, queue handling menus, personal voice mail menus and just about anything where you can record a greeting.

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THANK YOU! The record button would not enable when trying to record from the director login becuase it wouldn’t download the necessary file. This was great! Saved my day!

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