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Virtual Receptionists in ShoreTel?

I’ve been trying to keep up on ShoreTel news lately so I can be up on any updates or issues. I ran across this article from this morning: It looked like a normal press release but on the second page a comment from the IT director at McAngus, Goudelock and Courie LLC (a law firm located in North and South Carolina) piqued my interest:

“Four years ago, our [phone] system was at maximum capacity. ShoreTel arrived with a demo kit that was easily set up onsite, showing us how easy the system was to operate. And now we have just deployed a virtual receptionist using video with our ShoreTel client thanks to the savings from such a low total cost of ownership.”
– Roland Hundley, director of information technology, McAngus Goudelock and Courie LLC

The part about deploying a virtual receptionist using video with the ShoreTel client interests me highly but I can’t find any information on what this is or how it might be accomplished.
Anyone out there know what Mr. Hundley is referring to? Is this a video recording that leverages ShoreTel auto-attendants for the voice and menu?

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