I don’t really know what else to call these. These are commands you can use on the ShoreTel phone by hitting the mute button and dialing a series of numbers and hitting Pound. I believe there is a reference for this in the Administration Guide on your server but I’m posting it here for instant gratification purposes.
The way this works is you hit the mute button and release it. Then you dial the numbers corresponding to the letters of the command on the phone and hit pound. It’s much easier to remember that than the actual number sequence. For instance the RESET command is “73738”.

Command List

Instructions: Hit the mute button, dial the command, and hit pound. Each command will give you on-screen instructions on how to use it.

CLEAR –  25327 – Wipes the phone settings. Does the same thing as power cycling the phone, entering the password then selecting yes when it asks you if you want to clear the settings.
RESET – 73738 – Reboots the Phone
SETUP – 73887 – Starts the setup process on the phone. Same as powercyling the phone and putting in the password.
INFO – 4636 – Lets you cycle through the phones settings, useful to find the phone’s mac address without flipping it over (or if the sticker wore off)
PING – 7464 – Pings the entered IP address, the star key is the dot. Extremely useful to see if the phone can see the Server.

There are undoubtedly more, if anyone knows any please comment below and I’ll add them to the list.

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