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ShoreTel/Outlook Issues With Exchange and Windows Vista

Quick post here. Been working on some issues with Windows Vista Business and stuff just flat not working.
The most annoying thing is Outlook 2007  not getting auto-configuration information correctly. I thought it was our master images that we use, and in a sense that is correct. Windows and Office 2007 just need a few updates.

What Windows Vista Needs:

  • The most important thing is Service Pack 2, which needs Service Pack 1 to be installed first.
  • .Net Framework 3.5 for ShoreTel Communicator 12.x

What Office Needs

  • Office 2007 Service Pack 3.0

What do to if Outlook freezes up when getting to the last step on the auto-config:

  • Just open task manager and end the Outlook.exe process and fire Outlook back up. It worked, but there’s still some bugs. I think this has more to do with Exchange 2010 being up to date as I’d not seen this problem until I ran some Exchange updates on my server.

I find it interesting these problems don’t crop up so much on Windows 7. It’s just Vista for some reason. Hope this information helps save someone much trouble.
If you still have to use Windows Vista for whatever reason, I would strongly suggest updating your master images often. As we all know it’s a terrible operating system without both service packs, kind of like XP was when it came out. The problem is, in a mixed environment, Windows 7 will kind of spoil you for things “just working”. Vista seems to be a bit more picky about things like updates even still.
It’s really not a hard thing to update your images with Acronis, just slap the old image on an appropriate machine, run Windows update until it quits asking for ¬†updates. After that all you really need to do is make a new image off that machine.
I find it very useful to keep the standalone service pack install packages on a shared folder somewhere. Inevitably there will be someone who’s machine wasn’t updating and then mysteriously started not to work one day when some minor security patch wants to install.

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