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Recover Deleted Files From Google Drive

So you have a Google Drive account. You also like to hit the delete key and enter repeatedly in sequence for no reason. Or you have a large orange tom cat that does this for you while pawing at the mouse on the screen. Well never fear because there is a way to recover deleted files from Google Drive.

Step 1 – Go to the Google Drive Website at

Step 2 – Click on Trash and look for the removed file. It just lists them all and doesn’t really show you any sort of folder structure.

Step 3 – Check the box next to the files you want to restore, click the restore button and in a few moments you should see them back in your Google Drive folder.

That’s really it. It’s annoying that the folder structure isn’t obvious in the Trash folder but Drive is still a work in progress.

2 replies on “Recover Deleted Files From Google Drive”

I accidentally deleted a big folder of photo files from my PC. I see them on Drive. How to move them back to my PC? I want them on my PC but not in the cloud.

Steve. I’ll reply here and send you a message. I think you’ll find you can download the Google Drive application for Windows and drag and drop it somewhere in your Pictures folder on your computer. As long as it’s in your Pictures Folder on an external hard drive it is fine. You can then delete the folder from Google Drive to remove it from the cloud. If you’re running a Mac you might have to download the files individually. Here’s the link for the program.

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