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Add Hyperlinked Pictures to Outlook 2007 Signatures

I had an interesting question come up yesterday about how to put a Facebook Like button in an Outlook signature. At first I thought the obvious answer was that it was not possible. What the user was really asking though was if we could put a Facebook link button/graphic in a signature or not. I figured that was obviously yes, just paste the HTML code in the signature and that was it right?
Apparently not, according to the Google search results I got back. All the message boards I got back seemed to be in agreement that Outlook 2007 did not support HTML signatures and had these complicated workarounds that wouldn’t be useful for anyone at my organization.
I found a simpler way to add hyperlinked pictures, and its painfully obvious.
Step 1: Open Outlook 2007 and go to Tools -> Options and click the Mail Format tab, then click the “Signatures” button.
Step 2:  Either select the signature you want to change or make a new one.
Step 3: Click wherever you want your picture or icon to go.
Step 4: Click the image icon next to the hyperlink icon on the editing toolbar.

Step 5: Select your picture and insert it into the signature.
Step 6: Click on the picture you just inserted so that it is the selected Object.
Step 7: Click the hyperlink button.
Step 8: Don’t change any of the settings that come up, just put your hyperlink into the ¬†Address Box.

Step 9: Click OK and test your signature.
Of course there are methods to make a direct html signature in Outlook and potentially make a direct like button using the Facebook API. I think this would tend to be impractical if you could even include Facebook API calls in an e-mail. So I tend to think you’d be better off just linking to a page with the like button included.

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What was the image you were using? What I was using was some pretty tiny icon type pictures for facebook and twitter. You might need a higher resolution picture.

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