How to Set Up Custom Schedules in ShoreTel

A custom schedule in ShoreTel is how you deal with emergencies, unscheduled off times and other times where you need your phones to ring different at a certain time on certain days. The big use I see for it is when weather is bad, or when your office has some other sort of emergency. Some other uses I’ve encountered are: unscheduled meetings where you have to close up shop, public service announcements, technical outages (unrelated to the phone system), and days when you’ve planned to close early.

How to Set Up Custom Schedules in ShoreTel

Custom schedules work almost exactly the same as Holiday schedules, except that you can add a time range to a date. I highly suggest you at least make a blank Custom Schedule on your ShoreTel system and add it to ALL of you auto attendants. That way if you’ve got an emergency, all you have to do is add the date and time you want it to run and it will automatically be applied and you don’t have to worry that some menu somewhere doesn’t have it.

Step 1 – Log into ShoreWare Director. Check out Active Directory Integration if you still have to enter a password.

Step 2 – Click on Schedules and then click the “Add New” link under the Custom Schedules section. You should see this:

Custom Scheduling - Blank

Step 3 – Go ahead and name the schedule and hit save.

Step 4 – Click the add new button to add a custom schedule. You have to enter single specific days and time ranges. Unfortunately you can’t enter a date range, so if you have several days in a row you need it to run you’ll have to put them all in individually.

Step 5 – Make sure you click save once you’ve entered everything in.

Keep in mind custom scheduling overrides both Holiday and On-Hours scheduling. So anything you put here will supersede any other schedules you have. That’s why I recommend you put a blank one in and just add to it as necessary.


Schedules In ShoreTel

Every once in a while you come across something in your field of expertise that you have just completely forgotten how works. With me it’s usually because I haven’t messed with something in a while and just can’t remember how it works. How schedules work in ShoreTel was one of those things.

Since it’s so basic I figured that I could easily answer the one question I had on the internet. That question was, “How do off-hours work?”. I couldn’t find anything readily, nor was the answer clear in the help file either.

That’s why I started this blog originally, to attempt to give clear answers on both complicated topics, and simple stuff like how ShoreTel schedules work.

I’m going to make this one into several posts as some of the stuff is pretty specific and really deserves its own post.

Schedules In ShoreTel

Schedules are one of those few things in ShoreTel that aren’t necessarily site dependent. This means you can set up one schedule and assign it to things across multiple sites, or make multiple schedules and assign them to different things on one site.

There are four kinds of schedules you can set up. Here’s a brief explanation of how they work.

On-Hours – On-Hours Schedules are based on day of week, and a time range. It’s all or nothing for days of the week. This is used for setting up when your office or site is open.

Off-Hours – You can’t set up an off-hours scheduling in the scheduling menu. The way off hours work is that any time in the on-hours schedule that is not selected is off-hours.

Holiday – Holiday schedules a specific day of the year, and no time range. You can pick December 25th for Christmas, or January 21st, 2013 for Martin Luther King Jr. Day (US). You can not set a date range, or a time range on this. So if a holiday has more than one day, you have to put in each date of the holiday individually. So for Thanksgiving you’d have to enter 11/28/2013 and 11/29/2013 as separate holidays. This overrides on-hours schedules.

Custom – Custom schedules are a specific date, and a time range on that date. The intended purpose for this is emergencies, one-off office closures or any number of things where you might want to change what your phone system does for a short time. You could put in 01/18/2013 8:00a – 5:00p for say, an unexpected weather emergency. This overrides both Holiday and On-Hours scheduling.

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Setup an On-Hours/Off-Hours Schedule in ShoreTel

Set Up An On-Hours Schedule

Before you start, this page in Director requires a special ActiveX control. I’ve posted an article here on how to install this control manually in case your PC security prevents you from installing it automatically on the site.  Just go ahead and install both controls mentioned as you’ll need them when you set up your auto-attendant scheduling.

Step 1 – Log in to Shoreware Director. If you still are entering a password to get into director, check out my article on Active Directory Integration. It will make your life as a ShoreTel admin so much better.

Step 2 – Click on Schedules on the left hand side of the page. You should see the entries for On-Hours, Holiday and Custom Schedules. Click on Add New next to the On-Hours Section. You should see this:

ShoreTel - On Hours Scheduling - Blank

If you don’t see this, you’ll probably get an error and the site asks to install an ActiveX control. If you don’t get the message, please refer to this article to install the control manually.

Step 3 – Give the schedule a name then Select the areas in the grid that represent the times your office or site is open. They will turn blue. You can only do this one day at a time, you can’t just make a big square over the grid to select multiple days at a time.

Say your hours are 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, and you are closed Saturday and Sunday. What you can do is select 8-5 on Monday, then right click on the blue section and select “Fill Week”. It will fill up the entire week 8-5, then just right click on the Saturday column and select “Delete”, this will remove the selection from Saturday. Do the same thing on Sunday. Here’s how it will look:

ShoreTel - On Hours Scheduling

Of course if you have hours that aren’t the same every day. You’ll want to manually select each time range instead of clicking “Fill Week” if this is the case.

 Step 4 – Before you save, right click on each entry and select “Edit” and make sure the time is right. It’s sometimes hard to see what you’ve selected. You can just change the time on the dialog box and it will adjust it on the grid.

Step 5 – Click Save.

Your schedule is now set up. Anything in white on this schedule is automatically considered to be “Off-Hours” for that schedule. This means you do not need to set up a separate off-hours schedule.

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